MoreGuthrie.com is an online community created to serve as a hub for positive stories and insights about our community. It is built on the concept that there are many good people in our home town and we just need a common thread to link us together.

We are the hub for all things positive in our Community. We do not want to reinvent the wheel, instead we want to put our arms around and link with sites and people in the community already working to make our city Great!

moreGuthrie.com  serves as a centralized location for community news, events and business.  The site is an open forum where Community members will be allowed to make contributions when they have something positive and relevant they want to share with the community.

3 out of 5 make it MORE worthy

  • Connect- Does it connect with fellow homies in some way?
  • Relevant- Will we be smarter after knowing what you tell us?
  • Funny- Will it make your buddies AND your mom laugh?
  • Thankful- Will it give us a warm special feeling about the MORE?
  • Positive- Will it make our chests puff up with pride?