Thanksgiving Inspiration


If you want to make your wallet and Mother Nature thankful this turkey season, then try these cheap, easy and super fun Thanksgiving life hacks. Get the whole family involved to upcycle and recycle your way to a Happy Thanksgiving.

If you’re whipping up a batch of apple cider, these DIY Thanksgiving cups are healthy and cute. And they save on dishes!


Hollow out a pumpkin (use the pumpkin for a side dish) and create a unique DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece. You can paint the pumpkin white or gold for a more striking effect.


Spray paint autumn leaves red, gold, silver or white and use a sharpie to write place names for your special Thanksgiving guests.


Pine cones also make excellent DIY Thanksgiving place holders. Add some recycled white or gold paint to the tips for a more striking effect.

These individual little homemade pies can be baked in mason jars so that you can have cherry, apple or pumpkin and your Thanksgiving guests can pick their favorite.


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