UPDATED: Territorial Christmas Opening Night


Traditionally, the kick-off for Guthrie’s Territorial  Christmas Celebration has been Opening Night and so it shall be in 2015.

The Gubernatorial Candidates (Stefani Fortney, Freddie Lomax, and Brandi Cain) for Territorial Governor will have campaigned (bought off) the good citizens of Guthrie with false promises and plenty of candy, or… whatever…and the votes will have been cast and counted (stolen) by noon on the day of Opening Night.

On December 5th, beginning at 6pm Oklahoma street will be filled with twinkling lights and music, dignitaries and marchers for the Lighted Parade with Parade Marshall, Santa.


The parade will escort the Territorial Governor candidates to steps of The US Post Office on 1st and Oklahoma, where the official ceremonies will get underway with entertainment, introduction of the Candidates, the announcement of the winner and the Inauguration of the 2015 Territorial Governor. Peace may or may not prevail.

And last but not least, The new Governor will light the Territorial Christmas Tree.

The Ceremonies will be complete and the jail will no doubt be full to capacity!


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