2015 Foucart Awards


The Logan County Historical Society’s annual Foucart Awards will be held on November 12th at 6:00pm at the Oklahoma Territorial Museum.
The awards ceremony will include a brief presentation by Mike Friese on the Rock Island Depot restoration project.
The Foucart Awards have been given out since 2002 to multiple property owners who have gone above and beyond in preserving their piece of history.
This year the historical society has added a new category to acknowledge property owners whose significant historic preservation projects are in progress.
The goal of the Logan County Historical Society and the Foucart Awards is to draw attention to the extensive time commitment for historic restoration projects.   Property owners will be eligible for a Foucart Award plaque upon completion of their project.

For more information, please contact Amy at amy.lchsok@yahoo.com or visit the Logan County Historical Society website.


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