Guthrie Chamber Member Spotlight: A&D and Antique Memories


Last week, The Guthrie Chamber interviewed Alan Penner of A&D and Antique Memories, a business located in historic downtown Guthrie at115 W Harrison Ave. We hope you enjoy learning more about Alan and his business, and that you stop in sometime and say hello!

Tell us about your company?
We got the opportunity to lease a historic Guthrie building and I talked Dorothy into letting me (us) try selling. She said I had to come up with the name, so I sat down and asked God now what. Within a moment’s notice, He gave me our name.We started out sub-leasing “booth” spaces, but within two years, we needed all of the space for our “stuff”. Yes, customers come and say “you have a lot of stuff”, or “your store is the best one I have ever been in”. We’ve had an original (1935) Monopoly that was in mint condition, never played with in my opinion. I was going to (should have) contact Parker Brothers to see if they wanted it for their museum, but it got sold to a family who also bought a 1946 Monopoly and a 46 star flag. he had to promise to me that they would never play the 1935 Monopoly.
Our products include anything that catches our eye, from antique furniture to military items to cameras and related items to vintage board games to a wide variety of cowboy items to sports memorabilia to automotive items to handmade girls clothing or doll clothing, etc, etc.
What’s one thing that makes your company great?
Our company is great as there is something here for everyone if they will take their time to look high or low or in between. It is smartly grouped and displayed. I like the “funnies” such as “Hi and Lois”, “Zits”, “shoe”, “Peanuts”, and my favorite “Baby Blues”, and I have them smartly displayed throughout the store – come and enjoy them!
Why is Guthrie a great community to be a part of?
Guthrie is a great community to be a part of because it is the right size. We moved here from a community that it takes “forever” to get from one part to another. Guthrie sits right on the edge of I-35 which makes quick access to OKC or Wichita, KS where our kids and grandkids live. Then, most of all there is so much history here – it’s great!
Why is your company a part of the Chamber?
We are part of the Chamber first because we are involved in “commerce” and can benefit by involving ourselves with others involved in this as well. The Guthrie Chamber Coffee’s are informative and Dan Newton wouldn’t have become my friend if I hadn’t gone – of course it would be great if Coke Zero was served in lieu of coffee.
What was the last thing that made you smile?
The last thing that made me smile happened yesterday when I was balancing the checkbook. Most of the time, I believe you would agree, if it doesn’t balance it’s because an error was made in adding or subtracting, and the error takes money out of the balance. Well, the “thought” popped into my head it sure would be nice if there was a great big error to our “good”. As I checked off the deposits, there was a $200.00 deposit I did not enter. This was at a time when we were short on funds. I just gave God a great big smile and thanked Him for his all sufficiency.





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