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Last year, Guthrie was named one of the Nicest Places in the South by As we revisited that article, we discovered that Guthrie has received a lot of love from the online journal since then.

We think you should take a little time and browse through these articles about Guthrie featured on

Town Overnight: The Story of Stunning Guthrie, Oklahoma’s First Capital is a story by Bill Izard about the seemingly overnight settlement of Oklahoma’s First Capital during the land run of 1889.

Lovely by Design: The Gift of Foucart to Guthrie by Bill Izard explains some of the history behind the architecture and the architect Joseph Pierre Foucart  in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Racing for the Promised Land: The Oklahoma Land Rush by Sarah DeClerk is not about Guthrie, per se, but about Oklahoma and how its lands were developed during the land run of 1889.

Celebrating ’89, Guthrie Style by Lisa Lakey is a quaint description of the annual 89ers Day Celebration in Guthrie, OK. She coins it correctly when she describes the event as “a celebration of [Guthrie’s] birth—a sort of birthday party for the city, mixed with a lot of Oklahoma pride.”

Guthrie’s Elbow by Bill Izard talks about the history behind the now “ghost town” of The Elbow. Located on the west side of the tracks, this region of Guthrie was once a flourishing African-American community.

Give these articles a read- we think you will really enjoy them, and even learn a thing or two! Our thanks to for featuring these wonderful stories about the place we love to call home!



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