Best Dressed at Oscars 2014


oscars-2014-cover1The Oscars is the most glamorous party in Hollywood, where glamour means everything!  As the ladies were preparing their potential “Thank You, Academy” speeches, behind the scenes a lot of professional beauty and fashion stylists were hard at work.  Here are my pics for the Best Dressed Women at the Oscars in 2014.  Needless to say, many entertainment outlets agreed and the pictures posted are all over the newsstands now.  As you look at the photos, notice that the choices were perfect for these women because they were:

  1.  The right color for their features.  Color is important and although I LOVE yellow, it does not look good on me.  So I use it as an accessory in my purses, bracelets and earrings.
  2. The length is perfect for their proportions.  Long lengths are gorgeous on anyone as long as you wear the appropriate high heel shoes with them.  Length on a petite woman who wears flats just looks, well, flat.
  3. The accessories were minimal.  The pieces chosen were added to enhance the dress, not overpower it.
  4. The makeup was not the star.  Most of the ladies sported very neutral makeup, which is a spring trend from the runways.

OscarsHow do you incorporate glamour like the red-carpet into your daily life?

  1.  Take cues from these lovely ladies and add some sparkle to your work wear ~ break out the good diamond stud earrings.
  2. Don’t be afraid to try the neutral makeup, but I would recommend a little lip color even if it is a lip gloss.  Flourescent lighting in offices can wash you out quickly if you are all neutral.
  3. Pick out a color that really pops off of your skin  ~ most women can wear red fearlessly and the blues in bold tones.

Looking for help in your wadrobe?  Call me to schedule a consultation of your closet and makeup bag so you can look just as stunning as those women who are earning millions for movies!

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